Incapacitate Norton AntiVirus Office module

Play out this technique just on the off chance that you can’t refresh your Norton AntiVirus programming through the Live Update Web website.

Significant These means may expand your security hazard. These means may likewise make the PC or the system increasingly helpless against assault by malevolent clients or by pernicious programming, for example, infections. We suggest the procedure that this article portrays to empower projects to work as they are intended to or to execute explicit program abilities. Before you roll out these improvements, we suggest that you assess the dangers that are related with executing this procedure in your specific condition. In the event that you choose to execute this procedure, find a way to help ensure the framework.

We suggest that you utilize this procedure just on the off chance that you truly require this process.Note An antivirus program is intended to shield your PC from infections. You should not download or open records from sources that you don’t trust, visit Web locales that you don’t trust, or open email connections when your antivirus program is disabled.For more data about PC infections, click the accompanying article number to see the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

 Computer infections : portrayal, counteractive action, and recuperation

  • At the point when the Norton AntiVirus module is handicapped, the Norton AntiVirus Office module doesn’t sweep reports when you open the archives.
  • Regardless of whether the Norton AntiVirus Office module is crippled, the Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect highlight still gives progressing assurance by filtering any document that you run, download, open, make, or erase.

To handicap the Norton AntiVirus Office module, utilize one of the accompanying techniques, contingent upon the adaptation of Norton AntiVirus that is introduced on your PC. Because there are a few adaptations of Ms Windows, the accompanying advances might be diverse on your PC. On the off chance that they are, see your item documentation to finish these means.

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