How Do I Temporarily Disable Norton Antivirus on Mac?

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There are circumstances when Norton Antivirus prevents the clients from introducing a particular arrangement of projects and applications. Once in a while the product is significant, and you can’t bear to disregard it. In such circumstances, you can deactivate your Norton Antivirus incidentally. Be that as it may, killing the antivirus won’t make any antagonistic impact to your Mac PC in the event that you are turning it on after the product is introduced. Here is the means by which you can kill Norton Firewall Mac.

How Do I Disable Norton Temporarily on Mac?

  • Open Norton on your Mac
  • You will see a little triangle on your Windows taskbar
  • It will open the notice region
  • Make right-click on the Norton Antivirus symbol
  • It will open a rundown of alternatives identified with the security suite
  • Presently you have to tap on Disable Smart Firewall for the impermanent deactivation of the firewall
  • Additionally, determine the measure of time you need to cripple the program
  • Your Norton Antivirus has been incapacitated briefly

Dial Norton Helpline Number

Handicap Norton on Mac Temporarily by dialing the helpline number in the event that you are not happy with the means given previously. This number is sponsored by profoundly gifted technical support engineers. You may dial it whenever as it is honored with round the day bolster administrations. The help engineers are easy to understand, committed to their work, and are not prone to leave you unsatisfied.

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