Are you looking for to Download Norton setup? You can protect your devices like PC, Laptop, and MAC by entering Norton Setup Product key. You need to Login to to download, install, activate, reinstall, manage Morton antivirus. Norton by Symantec offers an array of security suites. To secure your data & devices, you need to install a good antivirus in your device. Norton removes malware, spyware & provides complete web protection, Email protection & parental control, data backup & many more facilities too users. software Install, Uninstall, Reinstall Process

To get complete security of your device, you need to install & activate Norton antivirus setup. you can check the complete process of buying Nortonproducts & getting the Norton setup activation key, installing Norton on different devices & uninstalling or reinstalling Norton setup.

How to install Norton Security?

Firstly open the web browser & visit the url. Click on sign in button & enter the registered email & password. Where you will get two choices - install on this device or install Norton on another device. To Download Norton setup on your current device, click on agree & continue. When you download Norton onto your computer, you get its downloader program and by running it, the process of Norton download and installation will Start and to finish the process, follow the on-screen instructions. By completing the given process, Norton setup will be installed on your device.

Steps to Install Norton Setup on Additional Devices:

If you don't want to install Norton setup on your current device, then you need to visit & login with the mail & password. Then go to the management home page & click on "Do you want to add more devices". Now follow the onscreen instructions to install Norton on another device. You can also get the installation link at your email address by Norton to get Norton on another devices.

Steps to activate Norton setup at

Go to the Norton icon on the system's tray and open the Norton product by double-clicking on the icon. If you have purchased Norton online, then check the Norton setup product key in your inbox. If you have purchased the Norton product offline then check the product key from the package. Go to the 25 character alpha numeric nortonproduct key in the column. Click on Activate.Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the activation procedure.

Steps to uninstall Norton Setup

If you want to uninstall Norton & reinstall it on another device, the process is different of removing Norton security for different devices. If you want to uninstall Norton from windows device, the process will be different & if you want to uninstall Norton from mac or other device, you need to follow different steps.
Checkout the Norton uninstallation on different devices here:

Steps to uninstall Norton setup from windows device:

Check the bottom-left corner of screen & click on start button.
Go to control panel & open programs & features.
To uninstall Norton:

• Windows 7, 8, 10 users click on uninstall an application
• Windows vista users click on uninstall a program
• Windows XP users click on add or remove programs.
You will see the list of installed programs, click on the Norton program or other software that you want to remove, and click uninstall or remove.

Click on Norton Uninstall or other security software process.
Now click next when a Subscription Waiting Period Warning window pops up.
Click on Restart now to completely uninstall and remove the installed application.

Steps to uninstall Norton setup from Mac OS X computers:

If you want to uninstall norton from mac os x computer, you need to follow these steps:
Go to launchpad& click the delete button (X).
If Launchpad doesn't have any delete button, use its uninstaller to remove the app, or if that is not available move the app into the Trash, and then empty Trash.
Restart your device to completely uninstall the product.